Our expert for today is Cindy Hanauer,

Cindy is the CEO of Grand Central Fresh; subsidiary of Grand Central Floral. https://grandcentralfloral.com/

In reply to our question to shed more light on flower deliveries, she had the following answer

There are many factors in Selecting a delivery service, beginning with mapping the radius
within the area you wish to deliver your products. Selecting the right territory is the starting
point of hiring a delivery company that can execute deliveries in a timely and profitable
1. When deciding on a delivery territory, the close proximity to your base location is only
one of many other important considerations. Delivery proximity is important, but in
addition to close proximity to the shop, also make sure that your delivery service is able
to cover affluent demographics within the city, hospitals, funeral homes, event halls and
important businesses. Being able to efficiently deliver to these important locations- in
addition to home deliveries- can add important revenue and profitability to your
2. Once the coverage territory is determined, then select one or more delivery methods
that can deliver your products most efficiently. In the past, many florists have chosen to
purchase their own delivery van, however with the onset of many same-day delivery
startups, the delivery choices are vast and may include more than one delivery option:
Home Delivery and Last Mile​
The customers’ demand for immediate delivery has re-invented the last mile of the
supply chain. Subsequently, billions of investment dollars are being infused
into companies like Deliv, UberRUSH and Amazon Flex, who are organizing independent
drivers to pick up and deliver packages using a centralized GPS route management
system. In fact, many large cities are even organizing bicycle delivery in the same way.
A world that was once reliant on FedEx, UPS and the post office now has many more
choices to meet the consumers’ demand for immediacy. Herein, technology is the
foundation of this revolution, supported secondarily with the product, itself.
Insourcing Deliveries​
With Amazon at the forefront, many companies are using a combination of technology
and their own fleet to manage last mile deliveries ranging from food, to household
items, to gifts. Progressive companies are using their own fleets or 3PLs to shuttle
product around the city. In fact, many companies are organizing their own co-op with
other local retailers to support this initiative.
Self-Driving Cars, Drones and Robots
With labor being the most expensive cost within the supply chain, it’s no surprise that
autonomous methods of delivery are being tested. If robot or drone delivery can handle even a small percentage of deliveries, it will change the game considerably reducing
overall delivery costs by 60%. Without the drive-time restrictions of human drivers,
a 24-hour, autonomous supply strategy will exponentially create time and monetary
efficiencies. Add autonomous delivery to auto-select robotics already used in most
major warehouses, and the path is clear toward the elimination of the cost and time
limitations of human intervention when holiday deliveries reach their peak.
Customer Pickup
In today’s busy world, don’t forget to also offer convenient customer
pickup that may be outside of your facility. Currently, there are companies
who are piloting pick-up lockers placed in strategic positions throughout
the city. Upon purchase, customers (or recipients) receive a locker address
and locker code to retrieve their flowers on their schedule, regardless of
the hour. No time for pickup? The system can also summons a local UBER
driver to access the locker and deliver the flowers straight to the recipient’s
address. Learn more here: 

Cindy Can Be Reached At https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhanauer/