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advises on flower delivery.

Any one opting for the online flower delivery few things they have to keep in mind in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore etc have an excellent network of florist where you will get ample choices in bouquets and cake’s, even if your delivery address is outside the city limit kindly confirm with portal first and then only book. Few portals have excellent delivery mechanism they have network of florist around the city, so delivery in outskirt is also possible. But scenario in small cities are different, limited no. of florist and availability of flowers is also limited for e.g. A bouquet of lilies you cannot expect in town called Ranchi in Jharkhand but same bouquet you will get easily in Pune, always had a small conversation with customer care or with the florist and ask them which flowers are available with them so that so you can avoid unwanted situation, like you booked a bouquet of pink lilies and they have yellow in stock and price you have paid is higher on pink and yellow are low in price, in this way flowers availability with the florist you will come to know and according to that you can place the order. Google review is the best way to know about the florist, some of the review you can get genuine and there are many other website which provide reviews of the portals. In this way you can opt for the best for yourself.


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