Send One Dozen White Roses Bouquet To Dubai



This creatively arranged bouquet encompasses 12 fresh white, roses which turns the air to entire optimistic and create a positive, lively vibe. Synthetic flowers are no replacement for the originals. Feel the softy touch, fragrance, tranquility in this bouquet. Greet your friends, family, fraternity with this lovely piece of arrangement and hold a place in their heart. Greeting people with white rose bouquet is in practice for years but never fades away. This bouquet suits ideally for all kinds of events such as anniversary, birthday, wedding and other special occasions. Plug your gap between your loved ones by greeting them with this bouquet. White roses are always the symbol of love, purity and worth greeting people whom you contradict before. This simple, economical, yet elegant piece of art never fails to grab the attractions. Ambience from this bouquet is notable one, which has potent to change the air. Every single roses on this bouquet are individually checked by our florist and bunch of experienced florist gathered to cluster the bouquet on unique arrangements. Why are you waiting? Add to cart and astound the people with this bouquet. No delivery Charges in Dubai.

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